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PODCAST: 10-7-20 SHOW (NFL's COVID Issue & D'Andre Swift's Training Wheels)

Big Drew and John Mac break down the NFL’s continued battle with COVID and get into the Lions’ usage of rookie D’Andre Swift. Also, the guys update the latest from the NBA and MLB bubbles and go “Around the NFL.” Lastly, the guys recap the NHL Draft from numerous Red Wings perspectives:

- Is it time for the NFL to step all the way up to the plate when it comes to the battle on COVID?

- Is it time for the Lions to take training wheels off D’Andre Swift?

- Winging It In Motown’s Kyle McIlmurray joins the show to talk about the NHL Draft when it comes to the Red Wings.

- NBA/MLB Bubble Update: The Lakers go up 3-1 in the NBA Finals, and the Divisional Round continues in the MLB.

- LionsWire’s Jeff Risdon hops on the show to go “Around the NFL.”

- Should leagues use the pandemic to “fix” their schedules?

- How did the Red Wings do in this year’s NHL Draft?

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