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PODCAST: 10-21-20 SHOW (Matt Patricia Still Employed & Nico Collins Speaks)

Big Drew and Jim talk about D’Andre Swift’s climb up the depth chart ladder and get into the Cowboys in disarray; Producer Fongers being upset about a Charlie Brown classic; Nico Collins speaking out on not playing; and the Lions’ outcome over the next month. Also, the guys go back “Around the NFL”:

- In honor of D’Andre Swift’s recent surge in production, who’s the last Lions rookie you were excited for?

- Another NFL locker room is more toxic than Detroit. Is this the main reason why Matt Patricia is still employed?

- Producer Fongers is NOT happy about a Charlie Brown classic being taken off of basic cable television. Do you side with him?

- Nico Collins opens up on his decision not to play. Did he make the right decision?

- Maize n Brew’s Anthony Broome jumps on the show to provide his insights on the Michigan football program going into the season opener at Minnesota.

- “Around the NFL”: Who are the Top Five teams in the league? Also, Antonio Brown is getting reinstated and has multiple suitors.

- What’s the most Lions outcome for this next month?

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