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PODCAST: 10-29-20 SHOW (State of MSU-UM FB Rivalry & A.J. Hinch Rumblings)

Jim and Sean Baligian begin Thursday’s show with a State of the MSU-Michigan football rivalry and dive into the Lions allowing a few more fans to their home games. Also, a Big Ten game gets canceled this weekend, and Sean attempts to fix “Thursday Night Football.” Lastly, everyone except one person at MSU supports Mel Tucker and the A.J. Hinch to the Tigers rumors continue:

- The State of the MSU-Michigan football rivalry: How far back is MSU? Does the gap widen more on Saturday?

- A Lions proposition based on now allowing 500 fans to home games: Would you go see an upcoming home game? Also, a Lions writer tries to jinx the team!

- A Big Ten game was canceled this week. Do you have any concern that it will impact MSU or Michigan?

- How do you fix “Thursday Night Football?”

- The guys go “Around the NFL” with a bevy of Week #8 topics!

- MSU luminaries come out in support of Mel Tucker….except for one person.

- The A.J. Hinch to the Tigers rumors are heating up! Is he the right hire for Detroit?

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