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PODCAST: 11-3-20 SHOW (Defending Matthew Stafford & Unprepared Michigan)

Jim and Adam Jaksa debate about Matthew Stafford’s track record with the Lions and talk about Jim’s continued car bad luck. Also, the guys discuss Michigan’s lack of preparation; MSU and Michigan’s next move; and Matt Patricia’s uncertain future in Detroit. Lastly, the guys go “Around the NFL” once again, and Producer Fongers has a “Moment of Positivity”:

- Should we keep defending Matthew Stafford? How much blame is on Stafford for the Lions’ current situation?

- MLive’s Ben Raven joins the show for his weekly Lions discussion!

- Jim just cannot catch a break! Does anyone feel sorry for him?

- Josh Gattis admits to poor preparation against MSU. Ummmmm….ya think????

- Where do MSU and Michigan go from here? Are the Wolverines in trouble on Saturday?

- “Around the NFL”: Controversial “Monday Night Football” ending and Trade Deadline Winners and Losers

- Is Matt Patricia a dead man walking?

- Producer Fongers’ “Moment of Positivity”: The Red Wings ink Anthony Mantha to a four-year contract.

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